Other Services

Reliability Studies 

Conducting reliability studies of electrical systems based on IEEE/ANSI standard 493 using SKM software and providing recommendations and solutions to increase reliability and availability.

Arc-Flash labeling 

Producing arc-flash label stickers based on arc-flash study using SKM or ETAP software.

Load Validation 

Providing Load Validation study for Fuel Cell applications.

Electrical Duct Bank Design 

Complete design of underground duct banks including conductor sizing and consideration of heat accumulation.

Flicker Calculations 

Analysis and solutions for electrical systems experiencing flicker.

VFD application solutions 

In water, Oil & Gas or any other applications.

UPS Sizing Calculations

Battery Sizing based on IEEE standard 485 for sizing Lead-Acid batteries and IEEE standard 1115-2000 for sizing Nickel-Cadmium batteries. Determine the size of batteries to supply the worst case DC duty cycle loads and AC emergency loads.

Battery charger and inverter sizing based on IEEE Standards.

Multifunction Relay Programming & settings

For SEL, GE, Siemens, ABB, Basler or any other relay.

RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) 

Providing cost-effective solutions to reduce maintenance cost and meanwhile to increase the reliability of electrical systems.

Constructability and Code compliance Reviews

Reviewing project drawings and specifications for Constructability and/or code compliance and providing specific comments to resolve inconsistencies in a short period of time.

As-built / Record Documentation

Up-dating facilities single line diagrams and preparing as-built drawings based on site conditions to allow for more increased effectiveness in record-keeping, efficiency of maintenance, and safer work conditions.

Cost Effective Drafting 

Very Low-cost drafting in a short period of time.

Lightning System Design 

Including drawings and calculations all based on NFPA 780.

PE Stamp 

Checking Electrical drawings and stamping (PE Stamp) for California.